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Ashleigh Jordan Wiki, Bio, Fortune, Age, Family and More



Ashleigh Jordan Ashleigh Jordan is the name of a famous American fitness trainer, model and Instagram star who has garnered great attention for her makeup tutorials and favorites for cosmetic devices. She is better known for encouraging and inspiring people to be fit and healthy.

Wiki / bio

Ashleigh was born in Pennsylvania, United States. She is an American citizen and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Her birth zodiac is Pisces.

Regarding her educational background, there is no such information on the Internet to help you understand how well educated she is.

From a young age, she had a strong passion for fitness and fashion. When she grew up, she decided to start her career as a fitness trainer.

As a result, she is now recognized as an Instagram star who has earned a lot of fame and attention for training techniques, diet plans and beautiful portraits of her that she uploads to her Instagram account.

Full nameAshleigh Jordan
Age28 years old
Date of birthMarch 14, 1992
place of birthPennsylvania, United States
jobFitness trainer, model and Instagram star
Famous forMakeup tutorials and favorites for cosmetic devices
Net worth$ 1 million

Ashleigh Jordan age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, fans are undoubtedly always curious about all the little things. Jordan was born in Pennsylvania, USA in 1992.

According to the wiki, it is now 28 She seems cautious about her family history, so she hasn't said anything about her father, mother, and siblings so far.

Ashleigh Jordan Famous For

As we know, she was passionate and interested in fitness and fashion from an early age and became an Instagram star who earned a lot of fame and attention for training techniques, diet plans and beautiful portraits of her.

In September 2013, she started publishing fitness-related content on her Instagram for the first time. During the quarantine, she uploaded fitness-inspired photos and videos to Instagram and helped her 3.5 million followers complete the training at home.

However, it also operates a YouTube channel called Ash n board With this, she has uploaded more exercise tips and other fitness content. She shares her videos with her 48,000 subscribers.

In addition to being a seriously inspiring buff babe, she also owns her own activewear company @nvgtn, which offers incredibly high quality workout clothes that make you feel sexy and strong.

Ashleigh Jordan training plan

In her last post, the model decided instead to inform her fans about her fitness progress and to upload a transformation photo. She uploads a compilation of two photos that express the viewer the difference between Ashleigh's appearance a few years ago and her appearance today.

The reason for her extraordinary physical appearance is her work routine and her eating plan. The fitness model has uploaded a variety of home workouts to encourage their followers to exercise on their way.

  • Bicycles 3 × 20
  • Plank side by side 3 × 10
  • Oblique crunch 3 × 15 (each side)
  • Reverse Plank Leg Lifts 3 × 10

Navigation (goods)

As we know Navigation, Co-founder of Ashleigh. From now on, she mainly sells a custom t-shirt, hoodies, fitness products and other accessories with various stickers and prints from

Those looking for fitness then refer to different types of clothing and accessories navigation is the best choice for them. The prices of the goods are between 20 and 100 US dollars, which is very affordable and is always sold out.

Ashleigh Jordan leggings

Leggings are mainly for women and it is a very useful thing for those who are connected to fitness. Leggings are like a sheath for the leg, which usually extends from the ankle to the knee, but is sometimes higher and is worn by soldiers, riders, workers, etc.

According to Poshmark, NVGTN leggings are the softest and most flattering leggings. These leggings have contour shadows to enhance the beauty of your natural curves.

These leggings are made from a butter-soft blend of materials and feel weightless on your body while being hugged in the right places. This way you can stop your training without disturbances or complaints.

NVGTN Legging Review

NVGTN is a really hyped activewear brand. So NVGTN is Ashleigh Jordan's activewear line and she's like a super big one like two million followers, a super big fitness person on Instagram.

Your leggings are probably the most hyped that literally sell out so quickly. It is definitely one of those companies that sells out very quickly.

First, they didn't send them to me, they don't belong to NVGTN. So I actually have a few complaints about these leggings and the company and I don't feel like I've spoken to many other people about them in their reviews.

You can buy two leggings for $ 48 and they don't have free shipping. So you have to pay $ 55.56 to bring these leggings to your door, and the price is definitely high. They are close to gym shark style prices and definitely expect pretty high quality leggings.

In terms of colors, they have expanded their color palette. In the past they only had this color, now they have this color, which is the blue color. They also have khaki, pink, and a speckled black color that more closely resembles the real gray color.

So these leggings have a few important details. The first is obviously the contour under the prey. And when I looked at these leggings, I thought the outline under the booty is a bit small, but it actually really expands when you put on the leggings.

So these leggings are super stretchy, which is just a kind of dark, crescent-shaped thing, and with these you definitely have to adjust it. They also have a nice little side contour detailing.

It doesn't really add many shapes to the leg, but it just adds a nice little design feature. These leggings also have a nice thick ribbed waistband. It's a couple of inches high, quite high, and also offers a little bit of compression.

So the logo is actually embroidered in the waistband, which I think is a really nice touch, because many leggings just put on a little vinyl and after washing someone can just pull these things off, so they are not really very good quality.

Ashleigh Jordan Personal Life

When she talks about her personal life, she is single because of her marital status. As a social star and fitness trainer, she has a large number of male followers from millions of fans. They always knock on the door to know who this beautiful girl is in a relationship with.

It's lucky that she has a relationship with a man named Brett Schneggenburger, who is also an online fitness star and model. Because of their similar interest and passion, they seem to be intended for and complement each other. He always supports them in every condition.

Ashleigh expresses her love for her in her Instagram posts, where she is considered the happiest woman in the world. It will definitely not be wrong to say that their relationship will last forever.

From now on, those who are due live their beautiful lives without complaints and complications. So they were a role model and a lesson for couples who tend to separate in the smallest things.


  • Ashleigh is one of the best known and trendiest celebrities known as an Instagram star.
  • Her birth zodiac is Pisces.
  • She created her Instagram account in September 2013 and has since published fitness-related content.
  • She has been in a relationship with a man named Brett Schneggenburger since January 14, 2016.
  • Brett Schneggenburger is also an online fitness star and model.
  • Her estimated net worth is around $ 1 million. However, it would not be wrong to say that she enjoys a luxurious life. As she continues her career, her prosperity is expected to continue to grow.


Showik Chakraborty Family, Wiki. Girlfriend, career, controversy & more



Surname- Showik Chakraborty

Date of birth- Not known

Age- 24 years (as in 2020)

Religion- Hinduism

Nationality- Indian

Mother- Sandhya Chakraborty

Father- Showik Chakraborty

sister– Rhea Chakraborty

Brothers- None

Marital status / marriage Unmarried

Wife- N / A

Son- N / A

Daughter- N / A

Net worth- N / A

Showik Chakraborty is the younger brother of Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty. He is one of the 6 people against whom CBI filed an FIR for the unfortunate death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Showik made constant headlines in the news following Sushant's death. This constant attention began after the late actor's father accused Showik's family, along with his sister and parents, of using the late actor's money. His entire family has been heavily criticized by the public after all of them were charged with suicide, theft, fraud, wrongful restraint, etc. Now let's go deeper into his family, career, relationship with Sushant and Sushant more.

Showik Chakraborty girlfriend, Wiki. Family, career, controversy & more

Showik Chakraborty family

He was born in Bengaluru, India into a middle-class Bengali family. His father is called Indrajit Chakraborty and his mother is called Sandhya Chakraborty. He has an older sister named Rhea Chakraborty. He completed his training at the Army Public School in Ambala and the Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai in Mahim. After finishing school, he went abroad for further studies and now lives with his family in Mumbai.

Showik Chakraborty Family, Wiki. Girlfriend, career, controversy & more
father and mother

Showik Chakraborty Controversy, Wiki. Girlfriend, career, family & more
Sister Rhea Chakraborty

Showik Chakraborty career

Little was known about his career until the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. But after the actor's death came a lot of shocking news, particularly related to its funding. Among many reports, one was linked to the two companies Sushant founded. And what was more shocking to everyone was that Showik was partnered with Rhea Sushant in two companies. A company called "Vividrage Rhealityx Pvt Ltd" dealt in 2019 with artificial intelligence, mixed reality and experimental technology. The other Front India For World Foundation, founded in 2020, was a non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of poverty, malnutrition and hunger.

After Sushant's death, on the 31st, ED registered a money laundering case against Rhea and her family membersst July. The case concerns alleged "suspicious transactions" worth Rs.15 billion from the late actor's account. This was noticed after Sushant's father filed an FIR against the Chakraborty family in Patna, clearly stating that Rhea had debited such a large amount from his account over a period of time.

Showik Chakraborty and Sushant Singh relationship

Sushant met Showik through Rhea. Although they had known each other a long time when Sushant was dating Rhea, Showik's sister, he never posted anything about him on his social media accounts. So it would be difficult to say anything about the relationship they shared. It wasn't until after Sushant's death that Showik first published it on the 24thth July 2020, before the release of the film Dil Bechara. He addressed Sushant as Bhai and closed the post with "Jai Shiv Shamboo".

Showik Chakraborty Career, Wiki. Girlfriend, family, controversy & more
With Sushant Singh Rajput

Did Showik use Sushants' money?

It was all over the news that Rhea and her family used Sushant's money for their own personal use. You were a Sushant partner in 2 companies. From Showik's airfare to its fees, Rhea's beauty salon costs and more, everything was paid for directly from Sushant's personal account.

Showik Chakraborty controversy

Check out some popular controversies that affect him:

  • After Sushant's death on In June 2020, the CBI opened an investigation into his death by the police in Bihar. The people named in the FIR for alleged criminal conspiracy and suicide aid included Showik Charaborty, Rhea Chakraborty, Sandhya Chakraborty, Inderjit Chakraborty and Shruti Modi.
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Abitha (actress) wiki, age, family, husband, career, biography & facts



Abitha is a beautiful actress from India. She mainly works in Tamil films and television series. She is best known for the film "Sethu" and the television series "Thangamana Purushan".

Abitha actress
Abitha actress

Abitha Alter

Born on Tuesday, April 16, 1985, Abitha Age is 35 years as in 2020. It belongs to the Chennai family. Your zodiac sign is Aries.

Read this too, Showik Chakraborty

Wiki / biography

Abitha is a talented television and film personality from South India. She was born and raised in Kottayam, Kerala. She had her first studies at a private school in the city. In childhood, Abitha watched the shooting of the Nancy series, which is not far from her house. One day the director discovered her and gave a supporting role for the series "The Criminal" by Doordarshan. So your acting journey started very surprisingly. She has been in the same profession since 1998.

Family, caste & religion

Abitha was born and raised by the sweet and caring parents of Tiruvottiyur, Chennai. Her original name is Jenila, but became very popular with the stage name "Abitha". Not much is known about their parents' name or profession. There is no information about their siblings or other family members.

Abitha follows Christianity and has Indian citizenship. She spent most of her childhood and youth with her family in Chennai.

Friend, marriage & affair

The actress Abitha married T George, an accountant in a private company. The couple married on May 25, 2009. Both look very cute and are blessed with two daughters.

Abitha with husband and daughters
Abitha with husband and daughters

Appearance of the body

Abitha is a very pretty and attractive female person. As one of the most beautiful actresses in Tamil cinema, she has the right body structure. She is fair in the skin and keeps her hair long.

Height (approximate): 5 & # 39; 7 & # 39; & # 39; foot inches

Weight (approx): 58 kg

Eye color: black

Hair color: black

Tattoo: none

Abitha actress body

Abitha's career

Abitha began a professional career in childhood. In 1997 she made her first on-screen debut in the television series "The Criminal" as a supporting role for the younger sister of the heroine. In the same year she was also seen in the Tamil film Ettupatti Rasa.

Television career

After a successful appearance in "The Criminal" she appeared in 2003 in the series Kumkumam. Subsequently, she appeared in the various SUN TV series Raja Rajeshwari, Sorgam and Thirumathi Selvam.

In 2009 she received great recognition for the role of Raasi in "Thangamana Purushan". Her other well-known series are Manikoondu, Simran Thirai and Adhiparashakti.

In the years 2013-14 Abitha played negative roles in television series like Ponnunjal and Muthaaram. She played the role of Nandhini Vishwa and Ranjini Murali in both series.

She played as Dr. Shyamala in the romantic drama series Lakshmi Stores.

Film career

The actress Abitha made the first debut film Ettupatti Rasa and played the role of Ponrasu's daughter as a child artist. Then she played in the Tamil film Golmal and Devadasi.

She had a major breakthrough with the role of "Abitha Kuchalambal" in the film Sethu. Her film became a success and she was also nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Actress.

From 2001 to 2004 she appeared in well-known Tamil films such as Seerivarum Kaalai, Poove Pen Poove, Puthiya Alai, Arasatchi and Aagodella Olledakke.

In 2005 Abitha played the role of Amrutha in the Tamil film Unarchigal. Subsequently, she was also seen in films such as Suyetchai MLA and Nam Naadu.

Favorite item

Food: South Indian

Actor: Rajnikanth

Actress: Nayanthara

Fruit: apple

Color white

Facts from Abitha

Does she smoke ?: No.

Does she drink alcohol ?: Not known

Her original name is Jenila and her family lovingly calls her "Janeesha".

Abitha's main hobbies are traveling, cooking and listening to music.

She follows a non-vegetarian diet.

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Samir Sharma Wiki, Age, Woman, Family, Career, Biography & Facts



Samir Sharma was a very talented actor who mainly worked in the television series. He is best known for the role of Nitin in the television series "Dil Kya Chahta Hai". He committed suicide on August 6, 2020.

Samir Sharma actor

Samir Sharma dude

Samir Sharma was born on Monday May 5th, 1976 44 years from 2020 (at the time of death). His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Wiki / biography

Samir Sharma was an established actor and model on Indian television. He was born and raised in the average and caring family of Delhi. He attended the Delhi Public School on site and graduated in economics from Sri Venkateswara College in New Delhi. Since childhood, Samir Sharma has had a special attraction for acting and dreamed of becoming an actor.

Family, caste & religion

The actor Samir Sharma was born into the sweet and supportive family of New Delhi, India. He was very close to his father and mother. His parents raised him together with a sister Niveddita Joshe. Not much is known about his parents' name or profession.


Samir Sharma followed Hinduism and has Indian citizenship. He was also a caste of Hindu Brahmin. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence with his family in Delhi and then moved to Mumbai.

Wife, marriage & affair

Samir Sharma was married to Aachal Sharma. However, their marriage did not go well and he was divorced from his wife Aachal Sharma. There wasn't much information about his current relationship status or affair.

Samir with wife
Samir with wife

Appearance of the body

Actor Samir Sharma was a very handsome and good looking male personality. As an actor, he used to maintain his body through regular exercise and healthy eating. He was light in skin with average size.

Height (approximate): 5 & # 39; 6 & # 39; & # 39; foot inches

Weight (approx.): 65 kg

Hair color: black

Eye color: black

Tattoo: none

Samir Sharma photo
Samir Sharma photo


Samir was very excited about his acting and modeling career at a young age. In 2004 he began his professional acting career with the famous TV show "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki". He received great attention with the role of Krishna Agarwal in the series.

Then Samir Sharma successfully appeared in the hit series "Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" (2006), "Dil Kya Chahta Hai" (2005), "Four" (2007) and "Left Right Left" (2006) and many more .

Actor Samir Sharma also played in the television series "Jyoti" (2009) and "Woh Rehne Waali Menhlon Ki" (2010). With the role of Varad Niranjan Agnihotri in the popular TV show “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Ek Baar Phir. "

Samir Sharma not only played on television but also in the Bollywood films. His most famous Bollywood films are "Hasee To Phasee" (2014), "Ittefaq" (2017) and "Tamasha" (2015).

In 2016 Samir Sharma became part of the popular web series "AISHA My Virtual Girlfriend" directed by Ajay Bhuyan. He played the leading role of ACP Adil Sheikh together with the stars Ragu Ram, Nimisha Mehta, Flora Saini and many others.

Favorite item

Food: Indian cuisine

Actors: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Irrfan Khan

Actress: Priyaka Chopra

Singer: A R Rahman

Destination: India

Samir Sharma Death & Reason

On August 6, 2020, Samir Sharma's body was found in the kitchen. According to reports, the local policeman suspected that the body was two days old. Thereafter, the case of a sudden death gate was registered at the local police station.

According to the media, the actor Samir lived in Malad's rented apartment west of Mumbai. One of his closest friends shared an emotional post on social media and said, “When he got sick, he went through a difficult period and went to the Bangalore hospital for treatment. After his recovery, his parents were reluctant to return to Mumbai, but he came back and rented an apartment not far from my home. "

His friend also said, “I went down his alley and saw two fire departments and a police car in front of the building. I checked with another friend who told me that someone died of suicide. But it was shocked that it was Sam. "

After the sudden death of a talented actor, many well-known television and Bollywood personalities have shared a RIP message on social media.

Facts from Samir Sharma

Does Samir smoke ?: No.

Does Samir drink alcohol ?: Not known

Her main hobbies were writing, traveling and listening to music.

He has worked with several well-known personalities such as Pareeniti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Tammana Bhatia, Flora Saini and many others.

Samir was an avid dog lover.

He was an avid photographer and his Instagram wall is full of natural beauty.

Samir was very good at writing philosophical poems that are available in the sound cloud.

Samir Sharma was a very popular celebrity on social media. He has regularly posted photos and stories on official Instagram. "samir5d. ”

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