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A baby is like a blessing for everyone. And the excitement increases for the first baby having the first birthday or any other occasion like Christmas day, Easter day, and many more. Well, I know you must also be excited about your baby’s first birthday. In my last article, I have shared the gifts items for 1 year old girl. And now in this article, I am here with the best list of gift ideas for 1 year old boy. So, let’s have a look at some of the best gift items for your little toddler.

List of the Gifts For 1 Year Old Boy:


#1. TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube

Before reviewing any gift item, I want to advise you guys to select a gift which can provide your child not only with the fun activities but can also him with the educational activities. It’s better to teach your child since childhood, along with playing games. It is how it becomes easy and interesting for them to learn basic things. So, keeping this in mind, I am here with a TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube, which will let your child explore more about different things as well as providing the all-day fun.

Your child will get to know about different things on all the different sides of the cube. Each side of the cube supports different themes allowing your child to learn and know about them. There are different and unique activities on each corner of the cube-like color counting beads, childlike front, shape sorting,  spinning gears, and cause and effect window. Well, along with these exciting activities, let me apprise you guys, it is a two in one product. This activity cube can also act as a toy car whenever your baby wants. So, it is a fabulous product for your little child.

Well, now let’s talk about safety, and the material used for its manufacturing. The natural wood is used for manufacturing this activity cube, and it is stained with non-toxic water-based paint. This natural wood and the non-toxic water-based paint makes the cube safe for your little toddler. For more confirmation, let me apprise you guys, this toy was tested in the US  and Europe toy safety standards, and both the standards have passed the toy for the kids. So, now you can feel free and don’t need to worry about the safety of your child.

The toy full of fun and educational activities will keep your child engaged for a while and keep him teaching about many different things. It will develop your child’s thinking and coordination skills, which make the item a perfect birthday gift for 1 year boy. Well, I am sure you guys will be going to like the product, but if in case you don’t like the toy or face any other issues, you can contact the company without a second thought. You can either replace it or else you will get a full refund. I assure you guys, Top Bright will provide you the most satisfying service ever.

#2. WolVol Educational Kids Toddler Baby Toy

WolVol Educational Kids Toddler Baby Toy is my next choice as the best Christmas presents for 1 yr old boys. Well, this musical activity cube will also keep your child engaged in educational activities, but it will also entertain him with its musical theme. All the six sides support different educational activities which will not only entertain your child but will also provide him with different activities which can develop different skills. Every time the baby boy will turn the side of the cube, he will get to know about different things with full entertainment.

The musical feature doubles the fun. Press the musical note start button on the cube, rotate the gears, or else, ring the bell for sweet and melodious tunes. The built-in microphone of WolVol Educational Kids Toddler Baby Toy will allow your child to create his own music. So, let your child record his own voice, and enjoy it hearing it later on. Driving, singing, talking, and using tools, are some of the different skills which are required for each object having different functions. This activity cube will create a beautiful environment in the house whenever your baby will use it. The light, sound effects, and music will double the fun which will keep your child engaged for hours.

It will promote problem-solving and motor critical thinking skills, which will enhance your child’s personality since childhood. So, guys, it is one of the best gifts for 1 year old son who will look attractive and enhance your boy’s skills.

#3. Avenor Baby Balance Bike

After two activity cubes, now I am here with a balance bike. Avenor is known for manufacturing the best quality toys for little kids. A customer feels never dissatisfied after buying the Avenor products. So, I am here with one of its products Avenor Baby Balance Bike, which has a premium quality from top to bottom as well as safer for your kid. With the combination of ideal height designed seat and sturdy lightweight frame, your child will get the natural and comfortable position because it will center his weight over his hips. Your baby will get the smooth and comfortable ride on Avenor balance bike with no inconvenience.

Since your child will get proper comfort and smooth ride, it will develop his independence, confidence, and coordination. Its extra safe EVA foam handlebar grip provides the best comfort keeping him in the upright position which will help him to balance himself using his feet. Its limited handlebar will help in avoiding the side falling providing the proper safety. It is an all-day use product because of its lightweight designing which will contribute in developing key cycling skills, independence, and active healthy routines.

So, guys, it is completely safe to ride on this balance bike. And let me tell you, the bike comes 95% already assembled which will be easy for you to carry anywhere. So, throw it in the trunk of your car, and let your child use it in any park, mall, relative place, or wherever he wants. All the four wheels are durable enough to walk on any surface, Indoor or Outdoor.

So, guys, don’t think, visit Amazon.com and place an order right away. Avenor is providing a 2-year warranty along with the most satisfying service. Go and buy it, if in case you don’t satisfy with the product, you can exchange it immediately with no problems.

#4. CifToys Musical Learning Workbench Toy

Musical toys are the best gift ideas for 1 year old boy, to entertain him, and keeping him engaged all the time. Since boys are quite naughty than girls, a musical toy is perfect for them to keep them engaged in themselves. So, this is why I will now review the CifToys Musical Learning Workbench Toy which supports a chainsaw, an electric drill, a bench clamp with real tool sounds as well as a detachable hammer, a wrench, and a screwdriver. It is a perfect engineering set which will contribute to developing your child’s thinking, problem-solving, and spatial skills. It will also improve the dexterity of your child, and hand-eye coordination.

Along with these engineering items, this musical toy will provide you with different enchanting lights, sound effects, and of course, the colorful construction tools. You would require a 2×1.5 V “AA” Battery for operating this fabulous toy, but it is not included in the set. You will get a CifToys Branded Box and User Manual”, 1 “Workbench Toy in the package. So, guys, buy it for your son and let him enjoy with different sound effects, and develop different skills.

#5. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

I am sure, you are eager to see your child walking on the floor and roam in the whole house. It feels different when your baby starts walking with his small feet, and fill the house, with a happy environment. So, buy a walker for your baby and let him learn how to walk without you. You don’t need to search for the best learning walker in the whole market of Amazon. I have done this task for you, and writing a review for the best learning walker for your little baby.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is the best Christmas presents for 1 yr old boys which will teach your child how to walk providing the proper comfort. The wheels of the walker are suitable to walk both on the carpet and on the hard floor. So, no matter, what type of floor your house has, the baby will be able to move easily. The walker supports the five piano keys which will play music and entertain the little baby while using the walker. So, the walker will not only teach your child how to walk, but it will also keep on entertaining him and the whole family simultaneously with different music tunes.

Well, let me now introduce you to its features which include three shape sorters, three light-up buttons, and two colorful spinning rollers. These fabulous features of VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker will develop fine motor skills. You will get over seventy sing-along songs, music, fun phrases, and sound effects. Aren’t these interesting? So, guys, you only need 2 AA batteries for the walker, and let your child learn walking along with the full entertaining environment.

#5. HOMOFY Baby Electronic Airplane Toys

So, guys, now I am here with my last gift ideas for 1 year old boy which will teach him counting, alphabets, and knowledge of airplane while creating the cheerful environment. Press the buttons on the airplane, and they will play the letters ABC or the numbers 123, which will help the baby boy to learn the numbers and alphabets easily. Pressing the start button will show you the vivid process of flight by playing engine sound effects and universal movement, and trying to walk slowly while stopping immediately. When the plane will move and stop, it will play a realistic sound effect which will encourage the little kid to learn the knowledge about the airplane.

The light of aerofoil and empennage will flash if you will press the body buttons of the toy, which will show the more realistic look. It will play the engine sound effect by pressing the start button in the music mode. It will also play cheerful music which will attract the baby and create an enthusiastic environment in the home encouraging all the people in the house. The little kid can chase the plane and gradually learn how to walk while also learning the numbers, relevant shapes, alphabets, and knowledge of the plane. The kid can use it and learn many different things without worrying about safety.

Yes, guys, you will be satisfied to know, the plane which I am reviewing you guys is made from safe and non-toxic ABS plastic which is Phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA free. So, guys, you can trust the brand and its products, and gift them to your little toddlers without a second thought. You only need to buy 3 X 1.5V AA batteries because it is not included in the set, and you can use the plane getting the 6 months warranty. Yes, guys, Homofy is providing six months warranty on this product and 90 days replacement service or full refund. So, if in case you are not satisfied with HOMOFY Baby Electronic Airplane Toys, you can contact the company within 3 months of buy. You can either replace your product or get all the money back.

Final Verdicts:

So, guys, these are the best five Christmas gift ideas for 1 year old boy which you can gift to your child and make the occasion special. Well, all the gifts are useful for the baby which will not only keep him engaged and entertain him but will also teach the lesson simultaneously providing all the fun. All the gift items are selected after thorough research on Amazon.com, which will surely be going to benefit your kid. Thank You.

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