5 Unique Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Girl | Best Baby Toy Review

Are you searching for a birthday gift for your first baby? Well, the first birthday of the first baby is the most special occasion in everybody’s life. Isn’t it? The level of excitement for the first baby is completely different, which one can’t express in words. It’s not only the birthday occurrence, but every first occasion in the first year is the most special happening in life. So, if you are also excited and searching for the best gift ideas for 1 year old girl, you landed the right place. I am here with the best list of gift ideas for your daughter, which you can gift her on all the upcoming occasions. These girls pressies will double the fun of the event, and everyone will surely be going to like it.

List of the Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl:


#1. TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys

I believe we all should gift a present to a child, which can serve the educational knowledge to him/her. It is essential to gift an item, which can keep the children engaged in educational activities. But is it that much difficult to find this type of gift item? Well, not so. Yes, guys, finding a toy, which can be beneficial as well, as exciting is not difficult to find if you are here on our site. Here you will get the most exciting choices, and one such example of it is TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys. This 7 in 1 wooden activity toy supports 7 sides of fun, cheerful, and bright solid wooden activity cube, multi-functional design, no dangerous small parts, and no assembly required.

Now, let me introduce you guys about its looks. On the top cover of this baby active cube has a rich cover with the designing of the beading effect. You will find each side of the cube covering the different activities like color counting beads, recognition clock, wooden bead maze, recognition clock, rainbow gear, digital animal flip board, shape sorter, and fun maze. So, it is a perfect toy for 1 year old girl because it will teach your child about different colors, shapes, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. So, these are the education benefits of this product, which your child will get from it.

After these exciting benefits, let me now apprise you about the quality of the product. The wood used for the cube is high-quality, which is sturdy and durable enough. It’s non-toxic water-based paint, round chamber, and smooth edge make the cube safe and secure for small toddlers. Well, it has passed the American CPC and ASTM test, so you can now think to buy it without a second thought, and without worrying about the quality and safety.

#2. Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

And now, I am here with the cutest toy for your cutest baby. Well, Gund is known worldwide for producing high-quality, innovative products for the users. This brand always believes in producing original and licensed products for fascinating the customers of all generation. The material which they use is so soft and good quality that people crave its products. And so, Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy is also among them. It supports two different play modes to amuse the little kids.

For an interactive game of peek-a-boo, you need to press the left foot of the baby elephant. And if you will press its right foot, it will play a song Do Your Ears Hang Low in cute kiddish voice. Ears of the cute elephant will start flapping during the play, which will increase the kid’s excitement level. So, it is a perfect toy for your little girl because it will entertain her all the time, and cause no harm. As I have already said, Gund always prior to high-quality products which are sturdy and durable. Instead of using hard plastic or glass material for manufacturing the toys, Gund has used embroid details which are safe and secure for your child.

Never let your child play with dirty items. If you find the teddy dirty, wash it easily without worry. The surface of the toy is washable for easy clean. This 30.28cm long product requires AA batteries which are included with the purchase. So, guys, these are the exciting features of Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy which makes it the best Christmas presents for 1 yr old girls. It is safe and durable, which will surely be going to impress you and your child.

#3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

No one can decline, a learning walker is a best and most useful gift present for little kids irrespective of boy or girl. It feels good when you see the little foots trying to walk on the floor rather than rolling like a ball here and there. Haha, no doubt, kids always make the house environment happy and enjoyable. And nothing is cuter than a girl wearing an anklet who is trying to stand on her foot. So, these are the reasons why I have chosen a learning walker as a birthday gift for 1 year girl.

Well, after thorough research, I have found VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker for your daughter. It supports the feature of removable toddler play panel, which will help in developing fine motor skills of your kid. You can also adjust the speed on wheels according to your daughter’s comfort and ability. Well, your child will surely get proper comfort and will be convenient to use it and walk through it. Amm, pink is considered to be the girl’s favorite color. And if not favorite, it looks attractive and exciting for girls. So, this pink color learning walker will also be going to look delightful. There are five piano keys on the center which will play melodious musical notes, and will also encourage the child’s creativity. The wheels of the walker are easy to work on the carpet as well as on hard surface floors.

So, no matter whether the surface is hard or soft, your daughter will now be able to learn walking without any discomfort. So, no matter whether the surface is hard or soft, your daughter will now be able to learn walking without any discomfort. The walker features the two colorful spinning rollers, three light-up buttons which will contribute in developing motor skills, and three shape sorters. Well, your child will enjoy using this walker because there over seventy sing-along songs, sound effects, music, and fun phrases. These beautiful songs and music will refresh the child’s mood as well as every member of the family.

#4. Avenor Baby Balance Bike

We all always gift a number of presents to our little kids when there are special occasions like the first birthday, first Easter day, Christmas Day, and many more. Though I have already reviewed the best gift items for your daughter, here is one more for you. Avenor Baby Balance Bike is one of the best riding toys which make it good presents for 1 year old girls. The kids will have a smooth, easy ride with this riding bike. The child will feel comfortable while riding the bike because of the sturdy lightweight frame with an ideal height designed seat will center the baby weight over her hips.

It is a perfect pre balance bike because it balances the small toddlers who don’t know how to balance a bike properly. Your daughter will get an easy smooth ride which she will not get in any other alternative. The smoothest and the most comfortable ride she will get on Avenor Baby Balance Bike which makes it the perfect gifts for 1 year old daughter.

Well, if any item is providing us the proper comfort, next thing we look at its look. Attractive looks are necessary for any item. So, as you can see in the image, this riding bike looks very attractive. This baby balance bike supports a modular design. 95% of its parts come already assembled, which make it convenient for you to use anywhere and anytime. So, guys, throw the bike in the trunk of your car and take it to the mall, park, or wherever your child wants to ride a bike. Its wheels are wide as well as durable which makes it easy for the little kid to ride a bike smoothly on any surface.

Avenor Baby Balance Bike is perfect for All Day Usage because of its lightweight design which contributes to developing key cycling skills, independence, and active healthy routines. The Extra Save Eva foam handlebar grip of the bicycle helps in keeping your kid in Upright Position. It will also edify your child how to balance the bike with their feet. Well, your child is safe and secure while riding this bike because its limited handlebar will help in avoiding side falling.

So, guys, these are the exciting features of this best riding bike which makes it the best Christmas presents for 1 yr old girls. Well, its features have impressed me a lot because they will provide your child with smooth and safe riding. So, you should buy it for your daughter without a second thought. Though you will surely be going to like the product in case you face any issues, you can ask the company to change it immediately. Avenor is providing a 2-year warranty on this product providing the most satisfying service to its customers.

#5. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube

After four best Christmas ideas for 1 yr old girl, I am here with my last choice TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube, which is again manufactured by Top Bright brand. Well, my first product was also the product of Top Bright, so, you guys very well know how exciting products this brand produces. Now, I will review one wooden activity cube from the same brand.

Well, I am again suggesting an activity cube for your kid because fun and exploration is around each and every corner of this cube. All the five sides of this cube will teach you to coordinate and problem-solving skills like matching colors, jumping frog, shape sorting, spinning years, and 3D bead maze. So, your child will be engaged in these activities all the time. Well, it is your advantage to buy it because when your child will be engaged for hours in this activity cube, she will not disturb you the whole day.

Well, it’s not easy to get a toy which can engage your child in educational activities as well as providing the proper fun. But here, I have reviewed all the gift items which can entertain and teach your child simultaneously. And one such product is TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube. It is designed with beautiful patterns and bright colors, which will stimulate your daughter’s brain. All the five sides are designed with different shapes and patterns which will help her to differentiate between different shapes and colors while developing motor skills.

Well, I think you are satisfied with its different features and benefits which this cube is providing. But are you concerned about safety? I can understand, every parent looks for the safety first, and then move ahead to know other features.  So, let me apprise you guys, it is the best toys for 1 year olds girl because it is made of the natural wood selected from the European forest, and stained with non-toxic water-based paint. So, this cube is the safest toy for your child. And if you still don’t believe, let me tell you, both US and Europe safety standards have passed it which assures its safety. Even if you will use and clean the product, the color of the cube will not get removed because of the sturdy wooden construction.

Final Verdicts:

So, guys, these are the best five gift items for your 1 year old girls which will not let you in the doubt what do 1 year olds like for their birthday. Each item reviewed above will train your child with different skills. So, you must go for them and buy them for your daughter. Thank You.

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