5 Unique Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys | Best Toys Review

The list of the best gift ideas for 8 year old boy is here in this article. I will review the best gift items for your son, which will surely suit his demands and expectations. Here are the products which will teach him different lessons and about many educational activities. Along with it, the products are the best entertainment source as well. So, let’s have a look at these gif items one by one.

List of the Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys:


#1. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests are my first choice for your son, which can be a good birthday gift for him. It is the most advanced and encouraging set of laser tag blasters supporting the invisibility mode, target vests, voice-guided directions, night vision flashlight, and most surprisingly the 150 feet shooting range. Aren’t these features exciting and different from others?

It is a multiplayer product where up to 4 teams can play at a time in this riveting battle. To win the victory, switch between the unique powers of a machine gun, pistol, rocket, and shotgun to blast your opposition and take revenge. You can easily and conveniently handle these laser blasters because they are ergonomically designed with a solid grip. It’s entirely safe to use these laser tag blasters.

The tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds will make the environment look like a real war and guarantee to turn all the members in the family away from the screens. So, guys, let your child use this laser blaster and invite his friends at home to play together and have fun together. Let them enjoy together on birthday parties, snow days, holidays, and on all occasions. ArmoGear has used the long-lasting and top quality material for manufacturing this toy. Well, I assure you guys, you will never need to compromise with the quality because the quality assurance team has inspected the product to weed out the defective units.

Well, you guys will be 100% satisfied with ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests, or else we guarantee you to get all your money back. So, if in case you are not satisfied with the product, contact the company for hassle-free service. You only need 3 AAA batteries for each blaster and 3 AAA batteries for each vest.

#2. NeWisdom rechargeable toothbrush kids ( Wireless Charging)

Well, no doubt, the first product reviewed above is very interesting, and your son will surely be going to like it. It will double the fun of birthday parties and holidays of your son and his friends. But NeWisdom rechargeable toothbrush is a product which has personally impressed me a lot. And, I believe, it would be the best birthday gift for 8 year boy. It is a wireless charging rechargeable toothbrush which supports a 360-degree rotating power, and can simultaneously clean the upside and downside teeth.

Now, the feature which impressed me a lot is its automatic cruise. This feature allows the toothbrush to stop automatically every 10 seconds and change the area, and start cleaning that particular area automatically for another 10 seconds. Within 30 seconds, it will clean all the areas, and will also reduce the risk and pain which children cause to themselves while brushing their teeth. It will also increase the enjoyment level of the children while brushing their teeth. So, guys, if your son is quite naughty and you have to clean his teeth forcefully, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Buy NeWisdom rechargeable toothbrush for him, and he will happily perform his teeth cleaning task.

Well, as I said, it supports wireless charging, so, it is one of the good things about this product. Since the brush is rechargeable, you can charge it and use it for 4-6 hours, and again recharge it. It comes with two brushing head, so, if the first brush gets damaged, you can use the second one. So, guys, these are the remarkable features of this product which makes it a perfect Christmas presents for 8 yr old boys. Well, NeWisdom is providing a 2-year warranty on its products. So, if you face any issues with the quality or any other problem, you can contact the company anytime.

#3. BIRANCO Remote Control Car for Boys

A remote control car has always been one of the favorite toys for boys. No other toy can match the happiness of having a remote control car. Most of the boys prefer to have at least one remote car. But it sometimes reduces the fun of using it, if it doesn’t support a good quality manufacturing material. So, I have done thorough research on Amazon.com and found the best quality product from Biranco brand.

Build your own motorized, independently RC controlled tracks racer, which will make 360-degree turns, forward or backward, left or right, and will drive conveniently on every obstacle. So, it is a great gift idea for 8 year old boy for all the occasions like birthday, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, Valentines Day, and many more.

You would require the 3 AAA batteries for controlling BIRANCO Remote Control Car for Boys, and is powered by a rechargeable NI-CD 2/3AA300mAh 7.2V battery pack. So, charge it once for 1.5 hours and use it for 25 minutes continuously. There are 2 large tracks in the set, and each track is powered by 4 wheels with a function of a medium motor of a single power. It can smoothly turn, spin, and clamber over the obstacles. Well, your son and his friends can have a competition between their remote control cars, and I assure you, your son will be going to win the match. The breakneck high-speed of BIRANCO Remote Control Car will never let your son down in front of his friends.

Well, as I said above, Biranco has used high-quality material in manufacturing its products, so, let me apprise you guys, all the 353 pieces are made of premium ABS plastic which is harmless and safe for your child. So, it is a durable product which will last longer, and will never harm your son at any cost. Your son will surely be going to love this toy, and so, it is the best Christmas ideas for 8 yr old boy.

#4. iGeeKid Kids Smart Phone Watch

Nowadays, kids are getting much smarter. They don’t need any guidance from anyone, and they are smart enough to use smart products. Well, nowadays, technology is getting higher, and convenient products are getting introduced. One such example is the Smart Phone Watch. Since everybody demands a personal mobile phone because it is necessary to have at least one with them so, as to contact them whenever needed. So, here I am with a review of one smartwatch from the iGeekid brand.

It is a smartwatch with a cute lock screen with an adjustable 4.3-7.4”soft wrist strap. The GPS is based on AGPS Global Positioning System, and it is combined with multiple safety and dual positioning¬† Base Station Location. So, from now onwards, you will know where your kid exactly if he is wearing iGeeKid Kids Smart Phone Watch. You only need to download tracker 2, and you will be able to find the exact location of your son. So, guys, you don’t need to worry about your child anymore, gift this smartphone on his upcoming birthday and stay stress-free.

Since an 8 year old boy is not big enough, he cannot learn all the numbers and make a call at the time of emergency. So, iGeekid allows you to set 3 emergency numbers in the watch which he can use at an emergency time. So, if your child suffers from any mishappening or gets into any danger, he can make a call to any of these 3 emergency numbers and contact you at any time. He only needs to press the SOS button for three seconds which is located on the right side of the watch and will be able to notify to those three emergency numbers which you have set in the watch. So parents, whenever you will get a signal from your baby, trace the location and help him out. This is how can always take care of your child even if you are not physically present with him.

Well, I don’t think, there is confusion left in your mind about what do 8 year olds like for their birthday after reading the review of this smartphone watch. It would definitely be the perfect gift item for your kid. Well, it would be better if you will buy $5 30 days plan Speedtalk sim card, so, the company would be able to help you directly with more convenience.

Well, there is one more fantastic feature which this watch supports. You can contact to this smartphone watch only if you have saved your number in it. It means the number which is not saved in this tool cannot contact the child. And you can also set an area deadline in the watch which will notify you if it will exceed the area. So, if your child will go beyond the area you have set, you will get an alert message, and you can then go through it.

So, parents aren’t these features fabulous. Along with these remarkable features, the smartphone built-in night flashlight, voice chat, activity tracking, learning game, camera, theme, photo album, waterproof high-sensitive touch screen, so a perfect match of technology. Well, your child will not only get comfortable features, but it is also comfortable to wear without any itching. The wristband is made of Silicon, which would be gentle for a little child’s skin. The watch is convenient and durable enough to use.

So, guys, no doubt iGeeKid Kids Smart Phone Watch is one of the best gifts for 8 year old son. I don’t think any other product would be as amazing as the smartphone watch. Though you can gift other items as well, you should not forget to gift this smartwatch to your son.

#5. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

So, guys, now I am here with my last choice as Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector. It is a tool for children who are interested in detecting coin-sized objects from 5-inches to 3 feet. The signal strength is measured for targeting the indicator. The closer the target to the detector, the more strength volume will increase. Well, it is a useful item for growing children who are interested in such exciting activities. If you are searching for a metal product in a deeper area, the discrimination control of the detector will let you skip the iron and other unnecessary items.

Well, this sturdy lightweight product supports the ergonomic design, which allows the user to handle it with more convenience. So, buy it for your son, and let him enjoy the activity he prefers the most. It is a cool gift for 8 year old boys, which your son will surely be going to like. Even if your child is not interested in this metal picking activity, you can provoke him by gifting this exciting tool on his upcoming birthday.

Final Verdicts:

So, guys, now I don’t think you need to worry about what to buy an 8 year old boy because all the gift items mentioned above are beneficial for him. And I am sure, your son will not only get benefits from these products, but he will also be going to enjoy while using them. So, go and grab these amazing items, and if in case you face any issues with any of the products mentioned above, contact the respective company anytime. You will get the most satisfying service, and will never regret your decisions. Thank You.

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